Thieves & Cuffs

Thieves & Cuffs

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xAngii By xAngii Updated Mar 18

Falling in love is natural. Falling in love with a known criminal... not so much. 

They didn't meet in a coffee shop or by bumping into each other. 

They met in prison and she was his officer.
"Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap?" He patted his thigh, his bottom lip scraped against his teeth as his eyes trailed down my covered body.

"No, this is wrong." I argued, mostly to myself.

"And why is this wrong?" He questioned, a familiar smirk tempting me.

"Because I'm your officer. This is illegal, you could get a longer sentence and I'll get fired, what are we going to say to my boss if he finds out?" 

He shrugged his shoulders as he rubbed his chin. "Well I guess I could say after being in prison for two years, I would do anything to get a good fuck."


Love never comes easy. Definitely not for Tristan and Jessica.

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narrysbish narrysbish Aug 05, 2016
Lowkey would be hotter if it was bxb BUT IM SURE THIS WILL BE AMAZING TOO
fxck_wit_me_bish fxck_wit_me_bish May 27, 2016
She isn't wrong. My uncle went to jail...never the same again
-neighborhood -neighborhood Jan 09, 2017
I just came here from reading Jake the panty ripper soooooooooo
ConstanceColburn ConstanceColburn Jan 30, 2016
That's my thoughts when guys wink at me. Winking is one of the sexiest thing ever
lestina118 lestina118 Dec 31, 2015
I would have grabed my knife and brought it up to his dick and slowly pushed it in enough for it to hurt than asked him. Do you still want me to keep hands here. (Cue evil laughter) but we all can't have what we want now can we.(sigh)
angelina557 angelina557 Oct 12, 2015
Oh! I was confused because I already knew that but going back and looking at the cover I can see why people were thought otherwise.