Daddy's Little Girl |•lrh•| [AU]

Daddy's Little Girl |•lrh•| [AU]

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Luke's Hoe By PunkedLuke Updated Jul 10

Mango Topaz Rivers was daddy's little girl. That was until she met Luke Robert Hemmings. Well, actually she carried on being daddy's little girl, just in a different way. In a way the innocent minded girl couldn't have even thought of, if she hadn't met Luke. 

"Daddy, I want you to call me daddy."
"Yes, daddy"

A daddy kink Luke Hemmings Fanfiction. Obviously full of smut so please do not read if you are not comfortable reading that kind of stuff. I hope you like it. 

Book One in the Daddy series.

liliana1468 liliana1468 Aug 16
Im 13 but really mature if you know what i mean wink wonk (virgin but not a virgin mind lol)
My 13th is in three days, am i good? Eh, who cares, I read anyway. Heheheheheh
Well I'm long past that stage sooooooo I'm going to continue.
Lol my age is on the clock but I'm still reading but ain't gettin cock