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To Tell The Truth (Neko x Werewolf) (Boyxboy)

To Tell The Truth (Neko x Werewolf) (Boyxboy)

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DarkityBlack21 By DarkityBlack21 Updated Dec 13, 2016

"Can we talk about this?'' I pleaded. I mean, come on I've never seen this guy before. I don't even remember pissing someone off. Okay, scratch that. My mom was ready to murder me this morning. But like I said; I've never seen this guy before. I mean, I would remember. I'd have to put a GPS on him to make sure that I was never in the same city as him. Just being in his presence makes me want to crumble. He stopped about a foot from me but I could still feel the heat from him pulling me in and my fear rising, pushing the idea out of my brain.

"S-stay b-b-back." My voice coming out in stutters like I'm in the freezing winter. Oh come on, I could at least try to sound brave and unaffected.

He chuckles and it made my body hot and heart beat in a way it shouldn't.

Oh please help me.

Silas, the 17 year old high-school, is going through things. He notices how his body is changing ever so slightly everyday and especially how he caught the attention  of a sexy new student.

That, to his shame, is a male student. How long will he put up with it or give into? And when will his parents tell him whats going on with these stares  of their's? When secrets are unleashed and a life is changed will there be enough good to fight evil.

I read the first sentence and I was like jESUS TAKE THE WHEEL
Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
                              I'll be 
                              WAITING FOR LOVE
"If Natsu gets with Lucy or if Juvia finally rapes Gray" I can't anymore. That is way too funny.
So is he as gay as me or like my one not glittery sparkly nail hetero
_Nerdio_ _Nerdio_ Jul 26, 2016
Wait it said neko x werewolf so does the mean the Neko tops cause the name that comes first tops in usual yaoi
ilovepocky23 ilovepocky23 Dec 25, 2016
Happy!! (Still waiting for the next season to come out 😢)