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The Alpha's Huntress (EDITING)

The Alpha's Huntress (EDITING)

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Angel By Tianatrix007 Completed

"You can try to be as strong as you want, but you will still be a pathetic human." He fumed, as he pinned me against the wall, his hand on either side of my face. I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful lips, but I pushed away my urges, and looked up at him.
"A pathetic human who you will never have."
"A pathetic human that I would never even want." He all but yelled, walking away from me. If this was what I wanted, why did my heart ache? Why did my head spin? I didn't just want him, I needed him.

When Tanzie Parker's sister is killed by a bunch of rogues for being a werewolf's mate, and Tanzie is forced to watch, she decides that she will never be weak. She will fight against the werewolves if they attack her or anyone she loves. She hates werewolves with a passion, but what will happen when she find out that she is a werewolf's mate? And not just any werewolf, but the future Alpha of the Moonstone pack, Jude Davis.

listenup247 listenup247 Jul 24, 2013
I'm very picky about the books I choose to read on Wattpad and I've seen millions with more errors than this one. Plus, the premise of your story is really good. Overall, great.
hannah_t hannah_t Jul 22, 2013
Your wording is a bit muddled and sometimes i can spot words that are unnecessary.
DJEsvilm08 DJEsvilm08 Nov 26, 2012
Hmm a nice story, I never usually read werewolf stories so I'll give this story a shot.
Faciem Faciem Nov 26, 2012
This is quiet interesting. It's original from any other werewolf stories I've read.(Which is nice actually) I have never read about someone who hates werewolves but anyways it was also entertaining to read:) -voted
BloodedWithBeauty BloodedWithBeauty Nov 26, 2012
This was actually nice. You have capitalization errors, please check them.
automotivatorlove automotivatorlove Nov 18, 2012
"Inner hotness" I have to accept I laughed, lol, Tanzie shouldn't like Jude, Jude seems like a jerk. Jerk don't deserves girls