Coming Out [GirlxGirl]

Coming Out [GirlxGirl]

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After falling IN love, you have to come OUT.

Jack Daniels, is a girl who looks like a guy and is also gay. She hasn't told her parents about it and wishes not to tell them. She doesn't have a reason to tell them. But when her family moves to a small town, she finds a reason to tell her parents.
 Sarah McCarthy. A girl who isn't even gay but soon develops feelings for Jack. 
Where will both their feelings go when one of them isn't even a lesbian? Will they confess their love to each other or just keep living like they don't care? 
Published date: Nov 7, 2015.
Completed: Jan 31, 2016

Read to find out.
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Toriw004 Toriw004 Nov 15, 2016
Even just though prologue will be relatable to so many people lmao 😂
BlueLionRedTiger BlueLionRedTiger Sep 15, 2016
My mom and I call my uncle jack daniels... I don't know why though but is really funny... And I do know about that whiskey but I don't think it's because of that
gemini2272 gemini2272 Aug 17, 2015
Good words... strong plot...nice intro... keep going...this is very warm...
- - May 14, 2015
Not too girly? It ain't girly at all. It is a cool name though.
ShudderDove ShudderDove Feb 19, 2015
Sure thats not cause how the liquor taste going down. Gah that was in poor taste excuse me i have been told to have no filter.
JumpMeIfUWanna JumpMeIfUWanna Feb 17, 2015
@cookie_monsterxD sure. I'm just working on the draft because I want it to be good. I'm really happy to know that you like it. thanks