Coming Out [GirlxGirl]

Coming Out [GirlxGirl]

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After falling IN love, you have to come OUT.

Jack Daniels, is a girl who looks like a guy and is also gay. She hasn't told her parents about it and wishes not to tell them. She doesn't have a reason to tell them. But when her family moves to a small town, she finds a reason to tell her parents.
 Sarah McCarthy. A girl who isn't even gay but soon develops feelings for Jack. 
Where will both their feelings go when one of them isn't even a lesbian? Will they confess their love to each other or just keep living like they don't care? 
Published date: Nov 7, 2015.
Completed: Jan 31, 2016

Read to find out.
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Toriw004 Toriw004 Nov 15, 2016
Even just though prologue will be relatable to so many people lmao 😂
BlueLionRedTiger BlueLionRedTiger Sep 15, 2016
My mom and I call my uncle jack daniels... I don't know why though but is really funny... And I do know about that whiskey but I don't think it's because of that
gemini2272 gemini2272 Aug 17, 2015
Good words... strong plot...nice intro... keep going...this is very warm...
Lostnmusicnbooks Lostnmusicnbooks May 14, 2015
Not too girly? It ain't girly at all. It is a cool name though.
ShudderDove ShudderDove Feb 19, 2015
Sure thats not cause how the liquor taste going down. Gah that was in poor taste excuse me i have been told to have no filter.
JumpMeIfUWanna JumpMeIfUWanna Feb 17, 2015
@cookie_monsterxD sure. I'm just working on the draft because I want it to be good. I'm really happy to know that you like it. thanks