The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of The Conjurors Series)

The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of The Conjurors Series)

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Belief is a powerful magic.

Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain, and it's killing her.

Bounced between foster homes and the streets, she only has time to concentrate on staying alive. But a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities, including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic.

The Society of Imaginary Friends follows Valerie on a journey that straddles two worlds. In order to survive, she must travel many light years away to a realm where anything is possible. On the Globe, imaginary friends come to life, the last of the unicorns rules the realm, and magic seeps from the pores of all the Conjurors who live there.

But choosing to embrace her potential will set Valerie on a treacherous course - one filled with true love, adventure and perilous danger.

Whenever I'm dreaming I can't scream in my dream. Probably because my brain knows that if I scream in my dream I might scream in real life. That's what I think atleast
Someone REALLY should have checked these people out before allowing them to house children. . . Wait, why would you house children if you hated them?
I hate it when the collapses on my pillow. Get your stuff together, the!
I like this a lot! Also, I have a question;Did you get Sanguinas name from the Latin word for blood?
Check out my book "Millie Keystone and The Immortal Crane" its awesome and you'll love it!
Wow of course it was just about the money,  didn't even give her a chance to speak?