Be careful I bite (a Naruto fanfic)

Be careful I bite (a Naruto fanfic)

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Misumi is a 12-year-old but she's totally different she's a cold blood killer. No mercy at all but what do you expect from someone who's lived with Orochimaru since birth, he only wanted for her powers. 

She's too much of a smart-aleck for her own good. She covers all that coldness behind her fun loving mask.

One day she just gets sick of living with Orochimaru and runs away and ends up at the village hidden in the leaf.


DISCLAIMER:I do not own Naruto, all rights go to Masashi Kishimoto.

Well I'm going to add an IPod you'll understand.

OH ANNND there is going to be a little 
NarutoXOc but it is not going to be soppy twilight shiz.

She's got to be a little OP come on lol :3

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theanonxie theanonxie Dec 27, 2017
Come on people! Can we at least even out how many comments are on the dots? XD
OliveTait OliveTait Dec 14, 2017
This right here, this is Misumi. Your average headball player.
Oh!! I made one! 
                              One, two, pains coming for you. Three, four, Oreo's a pedo.
                              Five, six, hidans a dick. Seven, eight, kabuto isn't straight. Nine, ten, chop off the head. 😶 do you like?
OliveTait OliveTait Dec 14, 2017
Surprisingly, in quite a few fanfictions, Itachi is indeed a dick. *Cough* Stray *Cough*
theanonxie theanonxie Dec 27, 2017
*completely ignores the mutilated bodies* GASP! how dare you swear young lady!?
HiyoriOkami HiyoriOkami Oct 21, 2017
Hahahahahah  omg itachi Xddd and Yes i was dropped when i was baby xddd