I'm a sex addict

I'm a sex addict

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udontneedtoknowme By udontneedtoknowme Updated Sep 30, 2013

Her POV 

Having sex is my hobby.

You can say whatever you want but I don't care.

You may know my name but not my story.

Judge me if you want, I don't give  fuck.

I'm Shannel Domingo, and I'm a SEX ADDICT. 

His POV  

I love her for whatever she is.

I don't care about her past.

I don't care if she had sex with so many guys before, but I will make sure that I will be his last. 

And most of all, I want to beat the shit out of her douche bag EX who turned her into a...


Edited prologue. Hope you like it guys. As I said dun sa post ko, I'll edit this story into more serious and better story, and also, I'll continue writing. 

AwesomestBookworm AwesomestBookworm Jun 18, 2015
ps translation
                              an Tagalog pala ito astig ang story na ito nagisip kaba na isulat to sa English? pero astig parin ang story  na ito :)
AwesomestBookworm AwesomestBookworm Jun 18, 2015
oh this is a Tagalog story awesome story do you think of having it translated to English? just asking but its still awesome
MyRainbowMind MyRainbowMind Aug 06, 2013
hahaha.. ang kulit neTong story huh!! kakaiba ung evil plan nia..
MissLittlePervy MissLittlePervy Aug 03, 2013
cno kya si mastermind? >:) tska makakailan kayang rounds to? xD
JayaGatoc JayaGatoc Jul 22, 2013
hahaha.......sakit non ach (evi smile)gaya gaya pag may time