Living With Oh Sehun (ISTLH Sequel)

Living With Oh Sehun (ISTLH Sequel)

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What if the world made you choose? Would you choose your precious job? Or would you choose the one you love? This is a story about finding love. A story about a secret romance. A story about sacrifices. Luhan's life with Oh Sehun. Is it heaven or hell?

A sequel to my story, I'm Not Supposed To Love Him.

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Khushboosejwal Khushboosejwal Oct 24, 2016
Its a really great prologue!! Great job! I was waiting for thus story to be completed and it finally did today!! Yaayyy! I'm so happy! Thank u author nim! :)
jibootyism jibootyism Apr 06, 2015
luhan to stop being so clingy and jealous and have it reversed so sehun is the clingy jealous one
i need chapters T.T i just love instlh so much and i cant wait for this!
Rose1073 Rose1073 Mar 22, 2015
I will seriously wait for 1000s of years but TGE story is too good... XD