Remade (A KHR fanfic)

Remade (A KHR fanfic)

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Serafina Brangwen By Vongolastorm25 Updated Mar 23, 2016

A pair of twins were born to Sawada Nana and Sawada Iemitsu. Two boys, one named Sawada Hatoshi, the other unnamed and abandoned.

Tsunayoshi (who prefers being called Tsuna) doesn't care who his parents are. Why should he when they abandoned him? Besides, a very nice and caring marshmallow loving albino adopted him and has been a perfect father. So Tsuna is content. Not to mention, he has seven ghosts that are his new brothers along with six other siblings.

A few years later, a certain baby comes to town, looking for someone that can fit a boss's position. And it just so happens that Tsuna moved to Namimori. And so, to the baby's luck, there is a perfect candidate that goes by the name Tsunayoshi Gesso.

MissMurderz MissMurderz Mar 27, 2016
FUCKlNG BAAAAASTAAAAARDSSSS!!!!!! *yea, in Italian voice XD*
bluegirl02reini bluegirl02reini Jul 28, 2016
I can believe Makoto become a doctor but Haru? O.o
                              Doctor for mackarel suits him... I think...
Nazuki_Shu_225 Nazuki_Shu_225 Feb 21, 2016
*raise a hand* ooooh ooooh oooh! Did the former swimmers turned out to be the doctors? Ne, did Nazu got it right? Did Nazu got it right? *asking in enthusiasm with sparkling eyes*
                              .........since when did I reverse to a 5 years old kid........?
carleigh11kun carleigh11kun Dec 16, 2016
VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Aug 17, 2016
Haha , so Tsuna is gonna be raised by doctors? That'll be interesting :) wonder how Iemitsu and Nana will  react if they ever cross paths , same with his twin.
*Sigh* I haven't read the manga yet but theres more to the anime apparently but it's only in manga