When it Stops Hurting (Royce)

When it Stops Hurting (Royce)

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"What will our parents think?" 

"They'll be pissed, of course... But, Jacob, I don't care. I don't care about what they have to say about it". 

"You should. They aren't going to allow it, Chresanto. They'll keep us from seeing each other". 

"Not if they don't find out. We'll keep it to ourselves. Just you and me. Nothing can go wrong, right?" 


It hurt to know that we were both wrong.

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Well damn. My family don't like the idea of being gay but they wouldn't go this far. They have common sense.
It is a sin. I think everyone knows that. But God also said that you're supposed to love everyone. No matter what they are and who they are. A lot of Christians forget that.
I don't know why parent try so damn hard to 'fix' someone because their gay or whatever. I don't know why people depend on a man in a robe with a title. Preachers don't have healing powers so it's pointless
Daisybaby143 Daisybaby143 Jul 03, 2016
Actually their head is up the devils ass cause god still loves you baybeh
BiggieJess13 BiggieJess13 Nov 24, 2016
Yes.it is a sin. But who is you to judge. If you love him, let him be. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's sick or different. Bitch you the one who's sinning😑😑😑😡
ominouszodiac ominouszodiac Jul 14, 2016
She's still using the old testament which strong Christians always use, but the new testament says nothing about lbgt is wrong. You love who you love, nothing wrong with that!