It's A Love Hate Relationship (barsandmelody fanfiction)

It's A Love Hate Relationship (barsandmelody fanfiction)

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This chapter is just a filler type chapter as I am still working on my first fanfic, Loving Leo, so yeah. Go read it!! If you want to. This chapter is basically what happened to make Casey hate Leo in the first place so you know :) - holly

Casey's POV

I'm so scared to start my new school! What if everyone hates me? I'm so scared. The reason I moved is because I was bullied at my old school by a girl called Jade and her bimbo friends, Emily and Kiera. I couldn't take it anymore, they made me cut and I usually had suicidal thoughts. I just had to get away from it.

I will probably make no new friends at this school, Matchgrove Middle School. I know I am joining half way through year 8, so there is no point, but actually there is. I probably wouldn't be here today if I hadn't have left that school behind, along with all the bullies. They still cyberbully me though, but I can just block them on everything and I told no one where I was moving to, so yeah. I am actually moving to Port Talb...

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Dang I feel like they came over just to hang with the boys😂
Am in love with story  but the thing that makes me mad is the the author made the names || NOT HATING ON YOU PLEASE DON"T THINK THAT!! ||
I feel like this is what I'm learning about in my English lesson, the 12th night by Shakespeare💗😂
I texted my crush this once and ever since that night he always greets me that way ☺
shannonthebambino shannonthebambino Oct 03, 2016
Please message me about the photo on the cover of this book please
14lucy14 14lucy14 Mar 27, 2016
You are grammatically wrong there it would be "Holla amiga" - because she is a girl 🙄. Sorry I am just bored 🙈❤️