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(Fifth harmony/You) One shots

(Fifth harmony/You) One shots

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Daddy By Swiftie-OBrien Updated Sep 10, 2016

Your POV

        I haven't seen Lauren in 9 months because I was called to  Afghanistan for a mission and tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary. I've been in the military for a while but it was just training and the call to Afghanistan was my first real mission. Lauren has been on tour for a while and I've gotten a few texts from the other girls saying how much Lauren missed me and how sad she always seems.

        Tomorrow is also christmas which makes it a whole lot more special. I told the other girls I would be coming and told them I was going to surprise Lauren. Right now I'm in the jewelry store at the mall. It's called jared. I'm picking out a diamond ring because i'm going to  propose to Lauren tomorrow.

        Me and Lauren were in here one time just looking at necklaces and stuff and I saw her looking at a specific ring. Oh, there it is, I see it. Wow, it's so beautiful.

        "May I help you ma'am?" The worker behind the desk asked politely with a smile.

"Yes, I would l...

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