The Silent Street Racer *ON HOLD*

The Silent Street Racer *ON HOLD*

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BookLover_Girl By DivergentInitiate27 Updated Aug 24, 2015

Well, hi there my name is Dylan Crowley and I’m a normal 17 year old girl, on the outside. At school I'm not really labelled as anything because I'm basically invisible but when I'm racing, I'm the centre of attention.

I have been surrounded by cars my whole life so it was only natural that I became a racer but it wasn't that easy. I didn't want  anyone to know who I was because of the obvious reasons so I became The Wolf.

I began street racing as a hobby but when my parents were killed in a car crash I began to do it all the time to blow off some steam. The only people who knew I did this was my best friend Dimitri and the new boy in town Tony. But somehow someone else in the racing community found out and now I don't know what I can do apart from pray he doesn't tell anyone else.

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loyalfriend500 loyalfriend500 Mar 17, 2017
Fandom means family, family means nobody sits alone in the mental institution
forgetmenot1936 forgetmenot1936 Sep 05, 2016
That's not the whole forgot to add ''Or forgotten''
WafflyWaffle WafflyWaffle Aug 05, 2016
If the red part of the car was a midnight blue, then I'd love the car!
WeirdoSky WeirdoSky Dec 23, 2016
I'm a professional race car driver and I'm not bluffing I've been surrounded by cars my whole life as well I race at an I five  quarter midget race track and you probably already guessed what I race and it's a dirt track to and it's awesome. Go to my profile if you have any questions
Roseylew Roseylew Oct 08, 2015
Bugatti was the fastest car in the world at one rich were her parents?
xXk3vinXx xXk3vinXx Jun 25, 2015
Wow! a bugatti veyron how did he go from a bigatti veyron to a camero??