Goku's twin sister (On Hold)

Goku's twin sister (On Hold)

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APH1demsel-chan By APH1demsel-chan Updated Aug 03, 2015

#I do not own Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z, or Dragon ball GT but please do enjoy this story,

This story is about if Son Goku had a twin sister.

Bardock is waiting outside of the waiting room with King Vegeta and his 5 year old son Prince Vegeta. Inside the delivery room is Bardock's saiyan bond mate, Gine.

"Bardock, Gine is waiting for you in the room." announced the alien doctor. Bardock walked inside. He saw Gine with a baby boy and girl.

"Hi Bardock." said Gine, " how do you like our son and daughter, maybe Raditz should come and see them."

" I'll go and get them just stay ;here and maybe start thinking about names for them?" replied Bardock.

After Bardock got 4 year old Raditz

"Hi Gine." said Bardock, "thought of any names yet?"

"I thought about Kakarot for the boy and I left the girl for you or Raditz to name." Gine replied.

"So how about it Raditz. Why don't you name you little sister?" questioned Bardock.

"How about......Kumiko? answered Raditz.

"That's perfect Raditz,...

RandomGamer117 RandomGamer117 Aug 08, 2016
Honestly, a great book thus far. But Raditz didn't care about Kakarot at all, he only remembered him because ot just so happened that planet Vegeta was blown up and he was on another planet so he went to earth to make Kakarot fulfill his destiny as a mighty Saiyan warrior.
JustPullinDaTrigger JustPullinDaTrigger Sep 12, 2016
Goku only hit 9000 at the dbz Kai third round when he's married so that's hard to believe
- - May 10, 2015
I thought goku had a power level that was WAY lower. and nice chappie btw
APH1demsel-chan APH1demsel-chan Feb 27, 2015
I know his power level was 2, I just thought I would make it different
The_Oreo_Artist The_Oreo_Artist Feb 27, 2015
7,500? I thought Goku was born with a power level of 2, but its your fan-fiction so it's still good.