Trouble for adoption (1)

Trouble for adoption (1)

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||Micky|| By Starlitnightx Completed

I was just an orphan...nobody liked me. But ha, what do I care, right? All I need is me,myself and I. Oh, and Kirby too. I needed to escape this orphanage somehow,however, the question was, when? How? I'll figure it out.

This punk band I ran into seemed pretty cool. I think Kirby may be falling for one of them. I was only thirteen then. I didn't know what was coming. Why did they like me? No-one liked me at all...They took me in, they didn't care what other people had said.

At first I thought I was trouble for adoption...but I guess I was wrong.

*Warning: This story was written around 3-4 years ago and most of it is straight to the point.It is really bad.Read at your own risk. But if you do read it, thanks.*

343wheelie 343wheelie Jul 10, 2016
Listens to metal, but acts nice. Can be described as "Unlimited patience, Ultimate RAGE"
stylesdevotee stylesdevotee Jun 29, 2016
i just finished a book, and the mass shooters name was Kirby (an actual hardcover book)
keepcalm_lovehemmo keepcalm_lovehemmo Jul 09, 2016
Omg I wrote a fanfic about mo from lemonade mouth and Luke hemmings
bambeanie bambeanie Sep 25, 2016
Sarcastic, goofy , like pizza, listens to 5sos every day and night
green2067 green2067 May 16, 2016
Haha. I like how you said lip ring smiled. That made me laugh
WiebKeMiYoKrisTina WiebKeMiYoKrisTina Sep 14, 2016
A little shy, listen to rock/pop, I like pizza, hahaha and funny