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The Boy who Broke the Rules

The Boy who Broke the Rules

6.5M Reads 294K Votes 25 Part Story
Isabelle Ronin By isabelleronin Updated Jun 19, 2016

Stay away from that boy.

That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient.

The Boy who Broke the Rules. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her.

Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she let him draw her.

But what lay behind his sketches and silent stares was something more.

And she was willing to find out.

immdwalker immdwalker 3 days ago
No problem, gurl. Ain't nothin' more embarassing than my friends pushing me and my crush together til we 'share our lunch' together if you know what I mean. Uh uhm
crazycuppy crazycuppy Jan 15
Hey guys it will be a huge favour if you'll check out my work I just uploaded it. It's innocent sinners.
Yes! Finally a good book to read after Chasing Red!💯❤️
marzipan_xx marzipan_xx Jan 01
 #rr 3rd time....please update. No pressure or anything it's just....I miss this book! 😭😭😭💛
Uh-oh, I suffer from the worst second hand embarrassment ever!😂
readmesilly readmesilly Feb 03
After "feel your ovaries explode" I read the last one as "happy ending" I don't know why lol