Loving Spain (A SpaMano Fanfic)

Loving Spain (A SpaMano Fanfic)

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In memories Romano remembers Spain. A man who left him as a child, not knowing why Spain abandoned him like that. Then one special day, Spain found Romano, chased him down to see him again. 

Now Romano must look past Spain's old ways, and try and trust him again. But he's unsure if he loves Spain. In the end, will he love Spain?

This story is now complete, I would like to warn you about sexual content with men, If that is not how you roll then please do not read. I am coming up with a Sequel/Epilogue to this, I have yet to come up with a title. I'm very pleased with my fans and I hope you all will follow me to the end, thank you!


  • lemon
  • love
  • memories
  • romano
  • spain
  • tragedy
NinjaEatPie NinjaEatPie Jun 28
He didn't want you to know about his short comings. (if you know but I mean *wink wink*  ohonhonhohohohon )
I just reminded of the sheep counting dramas with America 
                              If you're in Manhattan, I can take the metro and I'll be there. 
                              But even if I can't be there, heroes will always be in your heart.
NinjaEatPie NinjaEatPie Jun 28
You see that door over there. GTFO and leave my adorable ship alone, you heartless witch!
When your From America and all you can brag about is the great cheeseburgers... and fries. OH AND DONT FORGET THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! But is mostly the cheeseburgers.