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Kidnapped 5: Lost Child

Kidnapped 5: Lost Child

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Ceaira Por BabyMsft10 Actualizada Jun 06

With kieshia committing suicide due to the non ending pain chresanto put her through, her daughter is left in the hands of another. 13 years have passed. Where is she and who will take care of her? 
Shocking secrets unfold as this blood boiling tell of kieshia's daughter, Danielle reveals.

Dalandria Dalandria Jun 13, 2016
Look at these comments but y'all was just like stfu prod u ain't her daddy😒😂
queen_zellie queen_zellie Aug 27, 2016
Omfg I'm crying(DEAD SERIOUS)I k this is just a book but YYYYYY
adrienne115 adrienne115 Dec 16, 2015
I like her but I can see why she act the way she act rember her life story
adrienne115 adrienne115 Dec 16, 2015
Yasssssssss I'm ready for this I a be up allllllllllll night till I finish I read books 1-4in one and a half days  I can't wait to read this book
-SlimThick- -SlimThick- Nov 17, 2015
I'm just like her
                              age and all ( except the drugs-SAY NO TO DRUGS)
Lul_Niyaa Lul_Niyaa Aug 10, 2015
lml I could turn up witchu but ion doing all dat other stuff