The Walking Dead Imagines

The Walking Dead Imagines

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Megan Grimes By MeganW0nderland Updated Aug 03, 2016

"Okay okay dad, I get it!" You exclaimed towards your father. 

"Y/N, I'm just worried about letting you go out on a run on your own... If something were to happen I wouldn't be able to live with myself." Your father said. 

"Look, I know your worried about me, you're my father for christ's sake, but you have to let me out on my own... You can't keep me from this world. I'm strong and I know how to take care of myself" you assured him. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. 

"Alright... But if anything happens, and I mean anything, you run straight back here and come find me, you hear?" He said. 

"Yes dad, I know." You said, nodding your head. You smiled, stood up and gave your father a kiss on the cheeck. 

"I'll come home without a scratch, I promise. You'll see dad, you won't have to worry anymore." You exclaimed. 

"I sure hope so..." He sighed out. 

You moved swiftly towards the door of the house you and your father were staying in and began to gather your supplie...

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sheerdolan sheerdolan Apr 05, 2016
Tbh... its the apocalypse... live while you're young right? Lol
kittybuttcheeks kittybuttcheeks Nov 26, 2016
OH GAWD, HOW MANY TIMES R U GUYS GONNA KEEP LOSING CARL, that's it I'm calling child protection give services on the all of ya's
MooseTheMurderer MooseTheMurderer Dec 14, 2016
When my crush does this sh!t I don't know whether to feel flattered or if he sees me as a child
haile132001 haile132001 May 08, 2015
Rick. And hey it's not that big of an age gap. I'm 16 and I like Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.
MeganW0nderland MeganW0nderland Mar 29, 2015
@AlexisHernandez567 Sounds awesome! I'll work on it asap! I have school work and a few other things to do but i'll do my best to have it up sometime this week!
MeganW0nderland MeganW0nderland Mar 29, 2015
@AlexisHernandez567 Absolutely! Just leave whatever details you want and a story line and I'll make it for you!