We Are Infinite - Larry Stylinson AU

We Are Infinite - Larry Stylinson AU

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:-) By something1d Completed

This is the story of a twisted, difficult journey.

This is the story of two very different boys finding out who they really are.

This is the story of an unlikely pairing, stepping up and facing the cruel world together.

Their bond is infinite. Their love is infinite.

This is their story.

This is Larry Stylinson.

Copyright © 2013 by something1d, all rights reserved.

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Ayy I graduated second in my class from high school. Private school is worth it sometimes
ricegumlol ricegumlol Oct 09, 2017
I never ever had detention and I am glad. My sister is like the total opposite. Once she hit middle school she started to get detention the first three weeks of school and so on. I'am in high school and have never gotten detention which I am very much glad.
1995soulmates 1995soulmates Feb 13, 2016
Of course he is fond. I mean you both are so adorable cute it's hard not to adore both of you
take_me_home_to_tw take_me_home_to_tw Mar 15, 2016
I have never gotten detention, actually at my schools we have never used it. The worst I have gotten, is 5 min out in the corridor for reading Harry Potter in class when we didn't even do anything. Haha xD
DarkestLarriearound DarkestLarriearound Dec 27, 2016
We dont have normal detention we have lunch detention which is like 300x worse cause like when am I supposed to eat it's inhumane