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Choose Your Battles (Legolas Fanfiction/ LOTR) [COMPLETED]

Choose Your Battles (Legolas Fanfiction/ LOTR) [COMPLETED]

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LovingTheLuna By LovingTheLuna Completed

[COMPLETED] {just in case you didn't want to read the title in which case I totally understand you}

WARNING! This is my first fanfiction so I have to warn you that the start isn't good at all but bear with me, it was a learning process, if you want a more experienced one, I suggest you check out a different one of mine but if you still want to read this one, THEN I LOVE YOU!!!! .............soz 
Elowen is a sorceress with incredible power. Her Mother died and her Father dissapered when she was only a child and since then she swore never to feel emotion so she wont have to feel the same pain again. 
Elowen learned to fend for herself and control her magic. 
But what will happen when Lord Elrond invites her to a secret meeting about the Ring Of Power and Saurons return. 
She joins the quest to Mordor but along the way will a certain elvish princeling break down the wall she built around her heart? 
But thats not the only thing, there's more to her than meets the eye. Elowen thinks she is just a sorceress, little does she know that there is a whole kingdom awaiting her arrival.

Izzleariz Izzleariz May 17, 2016
I saw this movie last night, and my mom looked so confused as to why I was cracking up at that line
FangirlBookworm21 FangirlBookworm21 May 03, 2016
I sat down and decided to read their minds... I like they way she operates
LeglessLegoLegolas LeglessLegoLegolas Jul 30, 2016
Astella was the main character's name in a recent fanfic I just finished reading... what a coincidence
GabTheDragon GabTheDragon Jun 28, 2016
I agree too... But why do they didn't think about flying on eagles to the Mount ? 😂 I know its ridiculous
LeglessLegoLegolas LeglessLegoLegolas Jul 30, 2016
"Not with ten thousand men could you do this!" 
                              But two hobbits can!
SKK379 SKK379 Jan 13
I was wondering if she was an elf sorceress or just a sorceress?