Sold For His Pleasure [ManxBoy] (ON HOLD)

Sold For His Pleasure [ManxBoy] (ON HOLD)

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BooTheGhost By BooTheGhost Updated Dec 19, 2015

"Young men and women in the audience I have a lovely treat for you all!, He's a gem of gems! Beautiful face, eyes as blue as the sea! Lips red ruby as roses! And hair snow blonde that you cant tell the difference! Also as a treat he's never been touched and is a VIRGIN!!" The auctioneer beams, slapping my arse hearing the slap in the process, "Also he can pleasure anyone for the right price."

Hearing all the people bid on me made me want to vomit, why me of all people you have to pick.




"1.5 MILLION!"

"Going once!" Nobody made a sound.
 "Going twice!" Still nobody made a single sound or noise.

"Sold to Mr. Blackburn!" Hearing this made me gasp looking up ever so slowly I saw a man and not just any man, he was a sex god on legs god!

"Nice to finally meet you Alexander now you shall be called pet"

I was just sold to this man for his pleasure.

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hihibi hihibi Mar 27, 2016
This is gonna get weird bc my teachers name is Blackburn. Your gonna have fantasizing in class 😂😂
BooTheGhost BooTheGhost Apr 25, 2015
haha sorry I didn't think about that I was going to use brown but changed my mind
TheDayWithoutMoon TheDayWithoutMoon Apr 25, 2015
Oh why can't he just have brown hair? -sorta done with blondes-