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Mary Chris Escobar By marychris_e Completed

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Carolyn’s life has gone pretty much according to plan. She’s followed all the rules. Her star is rising at work, she’s just gotten engaged to an amazing man and she lives in a perfectly decorated apartment. A delayed flight throws her life and plans off schedule. What she learns, stuck overnight in the airport, has her questioning everything and puts her face to face with her own missed connection. Follow twenty-six year old Carolyn’s quarter-life coming-of-age story, the demise of her life as she knows it and the discovery of her own truth.

"I don’t know how Mary Chris Escobar did it, but she basically renewed my faith in the saying, 'Love is lovelier the second time around.'" -

"The story renews your faith in forgiveness and the power of love." - Amazon review

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stelabloom stelabloom Apr 30, 2017
thats way too much of a coincidence...... *rubbing hands* (someone is planning this) *looking around*
Keeshboogie Keeshboogie Apr 25, 2016
I agree with bornas_magnolia. Maybe Carolyn is missing passion.
AbigailGrant44 AbigailGrant44 Dec 10, 2015
There's also a Richmond, Virginia in the US near the Appalachian Mountains.
devin1987 devin1987 Sep 28, 2015
I love that you included the video at the beginning of this chapter! It set the stage perfectly for the bar scene. I'm interested to see how the story progresses.
Aspiredtocreate Aspiredtocreate Sep 25, 2015
what i think is that things are too perfect, so perfect that it can't be and maybe Carolyn is feeling the proverbial 'silence before the storm'. maybe she wants more.. maybe less. love the short first chapter and yes, it did enough to keep my interest. so definitely reading the rest of it :)
heyimdiamondzzz heyimdiamondzzz Sep 18, 2015
hey. im kira and i write books plz read my book. it has r rated things in it so....yeah loll