The Big Book Of

The Big Book Of

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Gavin By cgavinl2003 Updated Aug 19, 2014

BrOwN gIrL says,

AlRiGhTy ThEN!


sorry, ballroom blitz moment.

Anyway, as you probably read the title and went 'yea, this seems interesting!'

okay, we all know you didn't click this because of that. Because it said do not read on the tags. Right?

But, since you are here I may as well explain. 

This is a book.

Not just any book.

But the big book.

Still confusing? Furthermore

User name: theBigBookOf

Password: Wattpad

now you're wondering. Why the hell did she tell me the password?!?

because. This is an experiment book. Anyone. Absolutely anyone can come to this account and write a chapter, anonymous,first name or user name.

A chapter of what?




those are just Ideas, you can think of any topic. Write a short story. Just something.

Even people who don't have accounts can do this, and then fan it so you can find out when ever someone posts a chapter.

Hell, they could even be jokes or bad pick-up lines!

We would tell you the e-mail,...

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marine_cpl_sam marine_cpl_sam Aug 10, 2010
Haha, no i'm one of those wanna-be's :), that's sounds pretty cool, my brother would be interested in that. i'll check into that
FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL Aug 09, 2010
BrOwN gIrL says, @GUMBiiE 
                              Well then, write something for it! that's the beauty of it, no one even needs to know who you are!
                              it's gonna be fun! c'mon, get on the crazy train!
                              I'm Awesome
FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL Aug 05, 2010
BrOwN gIrL says,@green1monkey23 
                              i fergot ta tell ya, that you should really really really write an arcticle/piece for this! plz plz plz!
                              peace chili dogs!
                              I'm Awesome
FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL FoUrEyEsandBrOwNgIrL Aug 05, 2010
BrOwN gIrL says,@green1monkey23 
                              oooh! i really don't know what those jeans are really called BUT they're tight like skinny's but then flare out  at the leggs!!!
                              have a name for them?
                              BG is OUTZZ!
                              I'm Awesome :P
Vulpixilate Vulpixilate Jul 19, 2010
i'm Gonna write a chapter on siblings!!
                              ~Ruby the Crazy Purple Banana Monkey