Having Fun! (KnB x OHSHC)

Having Fun! (KnB x OHSHC)

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Kurosaki Rean By reandayo Updated Jul 13, 2016

I am Ichijou Haruka,
    The only child at a very wealthy family above the Akashis'..
    True, I am a child of The Ichijou. But once, I heard my mom calling a name I haven't heard of it in her sleep. At my first thought, it was her first crush that she loved so much. But no.
    I also heard my dad do the same thing in his sleep when I was 4, sleeping with my parents.
    I should ask them but mom's dead and Dad became strict and then joined mom.
    I will find the truth about my family. With my friends.

    Anyway, my basketball friends and I were invited to a private High School,
    Ouran Academy.
    Check out for our new lifes here!

Covers by Otakuforevz! 
Thank you very much :)

    Copy mine? Knife-kun will get you instead of scissors-chan.


Czyraax Czyraax Apr 11
YOUR NAME WILL BE AI KIRAZE FROM MY STORY 😂😂😂😂 [even though you are so smart, she's a lazy ass] lolol
Czyraax Czyraax Apr 11
Being second sucks, I know. 
                              But what more is, suddenly becoming third.
                              Yeah, I've been there because I was lazy xDD
He's either Batman's butler that was lent to her family or this is FRIGGIN America
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jul 30, 2016
Because you're a black butler fan? I mean you're drinking tea, have a butler and your also managing your family's company at a young age XD
reandayo reandayo Mar 05, 2015
@SoranoHikari hahaha XD thank you very much, I am sorry for replying late. and, haha X'D I can't handle compliment.. but hey, thanks XD
SoranoHikari SoranoHikari Feb 23, 2015
the story's interesting and unique!! i haven't read a story with this kind of plot.. try to update soon!