Gorgeous Nightmare || Peter Pan OUAT

Gorgeous Nightmare || Peter Pan OUAT

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paw-some purr-incess By petahpan Updated Nov 08, 2016

"Why the bloody hell am I so special pan?" She questioned as calmly as she could. 

He waved her off still walking, "No need for me to tell you, that's something you are to find out yourself," he paused and
 turned around at the steps, "princess."

She could only stare at the back of his head in disbelief and tightened her fists on the bars of the cage. Pan had left her to her thoughts. Before she could even talk to herself a pair of folded clothes and boots showed up. Following with a note from pan. 

"Get changed princess, we have training in the morning. Oh, I almost forgot. You need to meet your new buddies, the lost boys. -pan"

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😂😂👌🏻👌🏻 Description seems almost 100% accurate 😂
il_rose il_rose Aug 28, 2016
If she talking bout phone chargers then... Same😂
                              Smh I've got soooo many I just keep them in my drawer😂😂😂
MadHatterArtist MadHatterArtist Dec 25, 2016
5 Seconds Of Summer. They have inspiring music, and great personalities. 😂
TooManyFandoms85 TooManyFandoms85 Dec 07, 2016
Oh I know the type. Ones name is Colin and the other is named Anthony
scvb2005 scvb2005 Sep 02, 2016
The dragon lovers!!! Yeah and horse lovers! Have you a horse? I do! SYRAH that's her name ( my horse)
I like 5SOS but TØP and P!ATD are better to me just my opinion. But those Aussies are hot with amazing voices.