At Death's Door

At Death's Door

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Yvette Russell By YvetteRussell Completed

A girl who is dying meets a boy who never will.

Elta has no hope left. She's a loner, ostracized by her peers for being different, and her condition leaves her unable to relate to anyone. Her only joy is escaping into the world of books, and living what's rest of her life in peace...

That is until a stranger moves in next door. At first, Elta finds him weird and infuriating. But the stranger soon proves to be more than just an eccentric young man who seems to be invading every area of Elta's world. 

He could give her another chance at life.

  • cancer
  • change
  • death
  • disease
  • dying
  • enemies
  • family
  • forest
  • leukemia
  • mother
  • secret
  • small-town
  • terminal-illness
  • vampire
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XxMidnightSkiesxX XxMidnightSkiesxX May 01, 2018
I relate a lot to her, I'm very possessive of certain spots in my school and other places too, I absolutely hate it when someone else in in my spot because those places are one of the few I find solace in, somewhere I could escape from everything and be alone in my thoughts.
redunkulous redunkulous Jun 10, 2018
No lie. British Literature is lit like Astrophil and Stella, Sir Gawainn and the Green Knight, Beowulf, PARADISE LOST, ESSAY ON MAN, POESY, ALL OF THOSE ARE LIT AS HELL
MasqueradeMagic MasqueradeMagic Mar 26, 2016
Is it wierd that cold places make me sleepy? xD Especially when ur wrapped up in a warm blankie
mackanzieFalls mackanzieFalls May 13, 2016
And she has plans to not be disturbed and read her heart out without any complications
jaceiscool jaceiscool Mar 17, 2016
Dang she is a bítch holy shít. Like honestly, she's "coiling away" because she's annoyed? I could imagine if she was scared or something, but really to act like that on pure annoyance? She has an extreme superiority complex and it's irritating.
My_Highness My_Highness Jul 06, 2016
She's such a flipflopper, earlier she had been grinning at her