Badboy and the badass

Badboy and the badass

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Klara Andrews' parents are gruesomely murdered before her and her brother forcing her to live on the streets. To keep herself and her brother alive and in school, she takes onto street fighting under the name Scarlet. Her aunt, Miranda Matthews finally finds then and takes then under her wings according to their parents wishes. She transfers to a new school taking up the name Chloe Simmons to cover up her tracks, and begins the life of a rich kid as it was meant to be from the very beginning.

Keith Parker is naturally the bad boy of the school. Every boy wanted to be him. Every girl wanted to be with him. But what they didn't know was behind all that charade was a dark past only he knew about.

What happens when fate entwines their path and forces them together in the cruelest ways. We all know what they say,


I hope y'all like it

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Same. I never gain fat for some reason...... but hey im not complaining!
BellMaddie BellMaddie Oct 10
Last year I overate but I never gained anything. During the summer I didn’t over eat, and I lost 10 pounds, and I’m still trying to gain that wait, but I’ve only gained 2 pounds
_Fuck_Up_ _Fuck_Up_ Mar 02
lol I actually like my pe class it's not that bad we get to swim most of the time😂
wonder_gal111 wonder_gal111 Nov 22, 2016
😐anyone else cringing that the grammar? Still gonna read it it but UGHHHHHHHHH THE GRAMMER, THE SPELLING THE MISTAKES..... Continue