Confessions of an Omega

Confessions of an Omega

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Cathy is the omega of the Shade Pack; the runt, the failure, the disappointment.  Things are never going to change- or so she thinks.  

A rogue pack is discovered trespassing on her pack's territory, and little does she know that the five rogues will change her life forever. But will it be for better, or for worse?  

 Just when she thinks the drama is over, a secret that Cathy didn't even know comes out from the shadows and makes her question everything she's ever known. Not only does this secret have the power to make Cathy's hopes of happiness slip from her fragile fingers, it also has the power to stop her existence all-together.   

Follow Cathy- and her confessions- into a mess that will be hard to clean when it's all over.  

{ there is a sequel for this story also, 'Revelations to an Alpa' It'd make my day if you read it as well as this!:D}

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JeLLo142 JeLLo142 Jan 06
The trailer was good it should be a movie if it is then I'm watching it😂
Drgoat687 Drgoat687 Jun 02, 2017
Then all the books about omega getting an alpha for a mate are fake
Lady_Have_A_Heart Lady_Have_A_Heart Apr 20, 2016
That's good please make it longer featuring the actors and actresses
awesomesaucer64 awesomesaucer64 Jul 02, 2015
Dude I hope it gets better for her and I hope she finds her mate
loubnabouayad loubnabouayad Mar 13, 2015
I pity you ... try frying the sprouts, with a little oil (like eggs), after you've cooked them. Season heavily with potato-seasoning or Moroccan-seasoning. Cut the sprouts in smaller pieces, so the taste won't be as potent. They will no langer be disgusting, that's something at least! ;)
pwnsta pwnsta Feb 14, 2015
I can tell this book is going to make me cry at one point... I love those kinds of books :3