Officially Yours

Officially Yours

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[ she had to get married because she had to.
its really bad at first
after awhile..
hate can turns to love
and love is scary, right? ]

behold of taehyung's ..
just read it already okay!
its up to you ofcs :)

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Boi first you said "mommy", then you said "I'm fücking busy", now you say "I really miss your cooking" LIKE WTF ARE YOU ON YOUR MAN PERIOD RIGHT NOW WHATS GOING ON WITH THE MOODSWINGS?!??
Somebody hold me back *insert Kevin Hearts voice* you gon learn today!
Welp I fell bad that she had to wait for that thing to come out of her ....
MMM yeah I trust you........................... like calm yo tïtš
Mrskookie56297 Mrskookie56297 Dec 09, 2016
First...u swear.....and now u say u miss her cooking....make up ur mind boy!!!
SooyoungLee857 SooyoungLee857 Nov 26, 2016
Watch ur language KIM TAEHYUNG ur mom is the one who gave birth to u in the first place