Random sex sceans :p ( lesbian )

Random sex sceans :p ( lesbian )

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Erika By erika1189 Updated Apr 22, 2013

This is just a random sex scene that's mostly in my head :p the names r changed thow. Enjoy 


I finished my smoke and headed to Sarah's advisory. I sat down beside her, she's a lesbian like me and we just sit and talk about girls all the time.

" so how was your weekend get with anyone?" she asked me.

" nah and I'm not even going to ask you I already know its a no" I said laughing.

" shut up" she said punching my arm.

" calm down so how's you and kristine? You getting any yet?" I asked taking out my iPad.

" we're good I guess, were not dating." she said waving to someone in the hall.

" that sucks but she kind of hot " I said with a smile as my head got to work thinking of things I'd do to her.

" dude she's mine" Sarah said glaring at me.

" calm down but I bet I could get with her in 2 weeks." I told her with my cocky grin.

" I could do it in two days" she said sounding pissed.

" ok deal" I said sticking my hand out to her.

We shook hands and that's when everyth...

It's perfect. I love how you made the mixture of werewolves and lesbians
CrazyChandlerLady CrazyChandlerLady Sep 23, 2014
This just made it really awkward.... That's my sisters name.... Spelled just like that too
erika1189 erika1189 Mar 12, 2013
@lesbiana101 if u want me to continue this story, I am I will have a few chapters up soon