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Jäger ((EreRi))

Jäger ((EreRi))

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【Wayward Sons】 By AngelPlume Updated Jul 03

Eren Yeager is one among many...'interesting' human hybrids. Half boy, half wolf, Eren carries on his normal life in his comforting forest but everything turns upside down when members of the Survey Corps come to survey him. Not only does Eren make many friends, but he also catches the eye of a particular member, Levi Ackerman.
((In case you didn't know Jeager translates to Hunter in German))

Ehem... Don't you mean  
                              "holy mother of titans! Levi did you see that! Go get it!" 
                              Yah, sorry i had to do it.. i will keep on reading 😅
I'm half Fangirl and half Author. I'm part of a powerful species XF
66630D 66630D Jun 17
Paper bags to plastic hearts.
                              I belong in shopping carts.
                              It's goodbye~
                              Well, we got one more night.
                              Let's get drunk and ride around.
                              And make peace with an empty town.
                              We can make it right~
                              Flowing towards.
                              Forget yesterday 
                              We'll make the Great Escape
Lemme just *calls Hanji* yeah I need a serum... Yes... No it's not to turn into a wolf hybrid so I can be with some random cute boy who I like a lot and just so happens to be one to. NOOO of course not!
Just because he has nothing better to do... A giant medal for the great Samaritan , guys *slow clap* *eyes full of sarcasm*
*nosebleed* attractive *nods head up and down rapidly* veeery attractive