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15 Poems From My Second Book INSIDE OUT By Strider Marcus Jones

15 Poems From My Second Book INSIDE OUT By Strider Marcus Jones

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Strider Marcus Jones By stridermarcusjones Updated Jan 17, 2011

A selection of love and other poems from my second published book Inside Out. Feel free to read and leave a comment if you like them..thankye..Strider x INSIDE OUT By Strider Marcus Jones~Publisher Poems

In these poems about love, life and human conflict, the world is seen from the Inside Out. We are mortal beads, acting on the strings of time. In moments of epiphany, all becomes transparent. Dublin's likeable whores, swap wisdom's with old philosophers, while poems about the Cold War, Gaza, CND and life question our spirituality with whispers from Shamen and the Sacred Feminine. Heroes, like JFK, Martin Luther King, Lenin and Che, meet death too soon and find their truths have been betrayed by a society which is now too compounded and complex, but they left us seeds of hope to use, if we don't destroy their infant shoots. The Love poems here, are always romantic and real and sometimes erotic and mystical.They hold everything together with their gentle glueing of emotions. Each thought becomes a grain of sand, that joins its brothers and sisters on the beach, so the whole, makes us what we are, while the tides of time, take us where we are going..Strider.

jamilla_ jamilla_ Jan 07, 2014
Hmm...pretty good, I quite liked it :)
                              Love the way you use your words.
sloanranger sloanranger Dec 31, 2013
Lovely, lovely, lovely, The Persistence of Memory melting watch, perfectly symbolized in words here. Vt.
stridermarcusjones stridermarcusjones Nov 25, 2012
@seasofme Thankye again for your generous comment. Most kind!
seasofme seasofme Nov 25, 2012
Haha, what a surprising poem. Made me smile so! And that darned appealing title again...! :))
stridermarcusjones stridermarcusjones Sep 03, 2012
@knightwriter @NicholasFewell @xxButterflyKissesxx Thankye for these wonderful comments. For me poetry, art and music are one and malleable together.
xxButterflyKissesxx xxButterflyKissesxx Sep 03, 2012
@stridermarcusjones I have always had a certain fascination with the strangeness and fluidity of that Dali painting...Seeing it through your eyes and transformed into poetry was like seeing it anew, and in a slightly different light. :)