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The Years of Riddle

The Years of Riddle

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Rose By RosesReality Updated May 03

"From a very young age he realized it was good to have someone to vouch for you, to believe you were good - especially if you enjoyed doing bad things."
  Tom Riddle couldn't love. There was no changing that, but was it possible for  someone to love a boy as twisted as Tom? Gwyn Phi loved Tom Riddle all her life, from infants in one crib to the day he left for Hogwarts and never truly came back. 
  From Wools Orphanage to the Battle of Hogwarts, Gwyn and Tom's relationship set an unimaginable story in motion, touching lives across decades. 
  One Muggle girl can't change Tom Riddle - but he sure did change her.
      A NOTE: This book was started before "The Cursed Child", and will continue as I had planned it before the play came out. I have read the story, and if you have, please refrain from posting ANYTHING that may spoil it for others. Thank you in advance, and please enjoy! (July 31, 2016)
      Cover by @julietsgf
      Disclaimer: certain dialogue and plot is from J.K Rowling's original series. I do not own Harry Potter, its characters, or any dialogue I have borrowed, simply used it for creative growth.

Alithegryffindor Alithegryffindor Jun 28, 2016
Harry? Where did Harry come from? Wasn't it Gwyn who was watching?
FatimataB FatimataB Aug 12, 2016
Awww your so good at writing that I feel bad for Voldemort 😭
DoctorHarendous DoctorHarendous Oct 20, 2016
Really good, I love the way you write :) I wish to write like this one day. Excited to see where this goes...
FatimataB FatimataB Aug 12, 2016
And something that would grow up to resemble a snake- bet your still proud.
kanekichan kanekichan Jun 11, 2016
I'm fond of this story so far, but I think you should put some kind of disclaimer for this chapter since there's stolen dialogue from the original books. This could be punishable by law, so I highly suggest to add credit where it is required.
Maistir Maistir Dec 18, 2016
Gee I know that he didn't say it was a magic school but I wouldn't of thought he would of directly told the name. I thought he'd be anonymous and mysterious