Love Knows No Weight

Love Knows No Weight

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Carson Fuentebella has always been the side character of his friends' love stories. He was always the fat friend that played Cupid, the friend that became the bridge and the messenger without so much as a Thank You. It wasn't like he wanted a love story of his own since his low self-esteem never allowed him the opportunity to go out and celebrate his body. All he wanted was a show of appreciation for his efforts, a chance not to be teased for being the life model of the arrow-wielding love guru.

Enter Leonard McVallen, rising star of McVallen & Associates Law Office. He is everything Carson has ever avoided; beautiful, intelligent, wealthy, and arrogant beyond reason. Carson ends up playing a role he never expected to be a part of, Leonard cutting all viable exit routes before Carson even had a chance to think it over. 

And you know what's worse than being part of a never-ending lie?

It's not knowing where the lie ends and the truth begins.

skittiegirl skittiegirl Jul 03
O m g
                              Finally a story that talks about a chubby boy actually i find this really cute
                              Umm so thank you I guess i love your works😊
I understand his predicament , I'm chubby too and really the physical beauty is only what matters to ppl . But wat about when this "beauty" falls off when u get old? Only the inner beauty remains and grows everyday.
Ofcause, this is so unique that's why I love, unlike most of these cliche stories on wattpad
I have been waiting for a story to have a main lead that's overweight. I'm so happy.
Ashley2552 Ashley2552 Jul 22
I haven't even read this book yet, but I can already tell this shall be my favorite ones!
Because of you I have fallen in love with MPreg more than before ♥_♥