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Safety Freak

Safety Freak

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The only Yisel I know By nohablaespanol Completed

Marco's unnecessarily overprotective of Star.

Jdsjzjisis I put this in because I'm Mexican and have a mole and it's affectionate referred to as a little luna or moon by my relatives j e s u s
Is anyone else not freaking out about how she said I usually like balls AM I DIRTY MINDED...The things middle school does to me man😑
NewLostGirl NewLostGirl Nov 19, 2016
When she tilts her head up you "upper body" i guess pushes forward and he blushes
Pancakes4certain Pancakes4certain Nov 22, 2016
maybe its just me but when star said she usually didnt like 'balls' i cracked up XD ANYHOW IT WAS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT AND AH GIMMIE MOAR STARCO
mack199000 mack199000 Feb 05
I can't think of anything creative to add to these comments, so here is a smiley face! :)