Sex 101 With Harry Styles

Sex 101 With Harry Styles

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mo By Motherfuuukeerr Updated Sep 06, 2014

"I'll kiss you here," Harry said pointing to Alicia's lips and then his finger trailing down her neck. Harry saw her close her eyes and he couldn't help but smirk. She was just too innocent. 

"And then...." she breathes.

"And then...." Harry hums and presses his body against hers. "I will do this." Harry puts both his hands in her hair and crashes their lips together. After several seconds he pulls back, gives himself a head shake and smiles at his student. 

"Thats it for now." With that Harry strides away from her, but that wouldn't be the last time.

No freaking way!!!! I was hoping they looked like a letter w
_rendezlou_ _rendezlou_ Aug 25
Filipino/American/French/Spanish but I'm not pretty tho haha
Everyone commenting is so exotic and I'm over here like British born in Britain
Wow, I'm every little European country! A white mix! Exotic!!1!!1 - like half the mayo commenters
Wtf that better have not been Harry kissing that girl because Harry is gay and he's in love with Niall so like I don't want to see that it made me want to throw up tbj