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Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED)

Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED)

15.6M Reads 255K Votes 51 Part Story
kei 🌸 By raindrops_ Completed

[Published under Summit Pop Fiction | Part 2 starts at the interlude]
  He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. 
  She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent.
  There's nothing common between them except that they hated each other. Not good, right? But why was he determined to find her, while she was determined to escape him?
  Twists got turns, fates had entangled. Life had even become harder than before.
  And their once-upon-a-modern-time story started with a dance.
  [Draft version]
  STARTED: Nov. 2012
  FINISHED: Nov. 2013

juppizzer juppizzer Nov 04, 2016
not related! pls. pabasa po ng story kong "DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU"
AnneG- AnneG- Nov 07, 2016
@raindrops_ i already have the copy of this book ( i bought it on pandayan where it was sale 2 for 200) and it's so damn  beautiful story! I love it!
Daydreamer1637 Daydreamer1637 Dec 01, 2016
Hey! Can you guys check out my book 'Everything Has Changed'? Its on my profile. It would be really helpful if you do.
                              Thanks for reading!
most books I have read are being published in the Philippines. It's amazing.. Congratulations!!! :)
hersheyyjs hersheyyjs Dec 19, 2016
Meron po ako ng part 2 kaya bianbasa ko muna sa wattpad yung part 1 hehe
How cost the books? i can't find in national book store and in book sale it's out of stuck i really love your book my classmate have one and i want to recommendend it on others friend of mine