Hickies ✧ Muke

Hickies ✧ Muke

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Michael always sees his teacher, Mr. Hemmings with hickies on his neck.

❝Nice hickey,❞
❝Oh - thank you?❞
❝You know, that should be me giving you the hickies,❞
❝Oh yeah?❞

【 This is a weird ass book and I'm way too lazy to edit and fix it so it's staying weird asf, I'm just warning you. 】

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Excuse me. I think you misspelled Mr. Tomlinson, it's not spelled like 'Mrs. Styles'.
LashtonMalumMuke LashtonMalumMuke Jul 26, 2017
I first was like OH ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT HICKIES N MUKE N then I notice its the same book I've read just that u changed the book cover