Hickies ✧ Muke

Hickies ✧ Muke

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Michael always sees his teacher, Mr. Hemmings with hickies on his neck.

❝Nice hickey,❞
❝Oh - thank you?❞
❝You know, that should be me giving you the hickies,❞
❝Oh yeah?❞

∽ This is a weird ass book and I'm way too lazy to edit and fix it so it's staying weird asf, I'm just warning you ∽

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smilirose smilirose Sep 10
if that happens in my classes I'll leave. like no i'm not dealing with your shīt, stupid teacher.
amynicole_13 amynicole_13 20 hours ago
my friend was reading and she said really loudly " I ship it so hard"
I have a crush on my English teacher because he looks like Ashton and Luke mixed
I got detention for walking on the grass in my elementary school
Same. I have a crush on one of my uncle's friends. I've tried flirting with him but in really shy and his daughter is attached to him for some reason.
HaleyElizaa HaleyElizaa 18 hours ago
OMG I'm in class reading this and I started to laugh bc of Mikey saying it out loud. OMG the teacher is walking up to me prayyybfor meeeew