Beverley ✓

Beverley ✓

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Sevval By beautlies Completed

[ Short Story #52 ] 

As Gwendolyn returns to her town to face her (ex) boyfriend after all the mistakes she's made, she finds out that everyone thinks she was dead and her boyfriend Beverley actually died from the blame. When she is at the edge of breaking down, in a bar with a glass of vodka in hand, she encounters with a guy named Beverley. But not her boyfriend. In fact, completely different. 
Oddly, he knows much about her and he might have some answers she's willing to find. That's why she accepts to spend the night in his house.

template by : @teenwolfys
cover by : @waltzed

  • adventure
  • beverley
  • boy
  • boyfriend
  • cheating
  • dead
  • death
  • girl
  • gwendolyn
KinderKari KinderKari Jul 13, 2017
The summary is so intriguing and very unique 😍 it sounds amazing!
- - Sep 20, 2016
Omg,this story sounds so exciting! I wonder what mistakes Gwen made for her to move away,why everyone at her town thought she was dead,and who the new Beverly is and how he knows so much about her. I'm certain this is going to be a great read.
Lonelia Lonelia Feb 19, 2016
i don't know why i didn't click on this any time sooner i'm such a shite friend sorry sev this is gold x
sonderingly sonderingly Oct 03, 2016
you said that i shouldn't read any of your books so im here to read all of your books
hatfelts hatfelts Feb 21, 2016
wow this sounds really interesting and this  plot just intrigued me
meldulce meldulce Dec 27, 2015
well then ive been meaning to read this for a while just never got to it