I'm not okay: Depression quotes, confessions and other things

I'm not okay: Depression quotes, confessions and other things

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another emo teenager By Count-The-Stars Updated Apr 18

This is just a collection of quotes related to depression and self-harm. There may also be some related to suicide, anxiety and eating disorders. 

I will also include confessions and just some of my thoughts, or basically whatever I feel like. 

If you ever need anyone to talk to about anything, I'm here. I understand how you feel. 

Also, most of these quotes aren't mine, I've just found them from a variety of deep, dark places on the internet.

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moderndaywriter moderndaywriter Apr 06, 2016
This is so nice. I also write poems, do you mind checking them out?
                              Depressed Poet -https://www.wattpad.com/story/67580202-a-depressed-poet/parts
wcnderlandgirl wcnderlandgirl Jun 16, 2016
This describes me sm. Btw guys, Sorry that I can never change or do better, I don't need pitty and fakeness I need the truth
xXBlackoutTheSkyXx xXBlackoutTheSkyXx Nov 13, 2015
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LexieJane2 LexieJane2 Oct 22, 2015
Pretty much 
                              I live in hell daily i know what's its like to hurt
Zahraa61 Zahraa61 Aug 31, 2015
you break, and after that no one even yourself can hold the pieces together....
DancingOnFireAndIce DancingOnFireAndIce Jul 24, 2015
From know on, I pledge that when someone looks sad, I'll ask them if their okay. If they say yes and it's obviously their not, I'll say
                              Me: I know your not.