His Dominion

His Dominion

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[BOOK 2] Selene is the abomination to her race; half-human wolf, no one knows her secret except her even more secretive father. If anyone were to find out what she was it could mean in her untimely death. When her father's past comes hunting him down, Selene's forced to live in a house occupied by all-male inhabitants--unmated, bad-mannered, and untamed wolves that obey a temperamental young Alpha.  

Alpha Lucca wants nothing to do with the she-wolf that clings to his new Beta's back. Hard to ignore the fact that she is aggressive, beautiful and exactly the type of girl he'd want, Lucca is bent on evading her from his thoughts...and his dreams. Selene proves to add to his long list of problems as she spends everyday near his line of sight and out of his reach. He goes out of his way to make it clear that he loathes her, but but not in the way she thinks. Drawn to her like a moth to a flame, Lucca desires to keep her in his dominion, whether she likes to or not.

Written: 2012

"What was that? I should kill everyone and escape?"
                              "Sorry. Voices"
                              *laughs* "I'm kidding! that's not what they really say."
Lemme answer it for u:
                              They stupidly allow children do dirty work When u were stupid enough to practically ingnore the existence of ur daughter.
I would say "sad" like everyone else but I'm a heartless bitch so..
NoSleep14 NoSleep14 Jun 20
Witch I hope the duck you do! You gon' be a dead son of a glitch I tell you dat!
Screw her then. I hope werewolves murder her. Or if they dont I will bring my Aquarius brotherd and sisters to help me track her down and kill her °^°
amelia_1812 amelia_1812 Oct 20
Wait I thought she Lucca was mates with Martha?!?!?! I'm confused