Swapping Spit (Nouis) [under editing]

Swapping Spit (Nouis) [under editing]

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One Direction have been working hard on their music and have earned a vacation from Simon to a beach house on the Pacific Coast. Over the next couple weeks a lot happens, including adventures, girlfriends, dares, accidents, jokes, secrets and a whole bunch of the lads being their lovable selves. 

But as the vacation goes on, is it possible that Louis and Niall start to develop feelings for each other? What happens when Niall and Louis share a drunken kiss, Niall swapping spit with Louis who comes down with a contagious stomach bug days after...? Can they continue to hide their secret? 

And amid all that Nouis drama, is it possible that Louis' past is coming back to haunt him?

Why does this now sound like wmyb ? 😂 two girls, five of the boys and they're on the beach 😂
Hashooma Hashooma Jun 16, 2016
when isnt he cute. As Louis once said Niall is the best human.
sodawarriorforever sodawarriorforever May 27, 2016
Sadness: I hope it's good news to. Maybe news like someone died. (Inside Out)
Maximumtest Maximumtest Sep 01, 2015
this is England no sneakers or chips they are trainers and crisps
li_batgirl li_batgirl Apr 20, 2014
This is one of the best books i had ever read! Thanks for posting a new chapter and keep up with this amazing work! 
                              -ellie xxx