Living for the fat girl [Book 2]

Living for the fat girl [Book 2]

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Elle Theodore By ElleTheodore Completed

Sequel to "Loving the fat girl". Completed.

The change of leaving high school and entering college is not what Seth expected at all. Tables turn as his curvy girlfriend Arya quickly becomes the center of attention and Seth struggles to keep up. 

Passion, struggle and heartbreak wasn't left behind in high school. Oh no, it's about to intensify.

Okay_Gus Okay_Gus Jul 30
HEY, just finished the first story for the 6th time, starting the sequel for 6th time. LOL. I FOREVER LOVE THISSS
Guldkiss Guldkiss Jun 25
👉🚪 Id kick in your sagging pinatas you call balls dickless
thexdora thexdora Jun 08
I thought of the p!atd song 'miss Jackson'.. am I the only one?
Uhm hi...well to be honest i think the girl on your cover isnt fat at all
He's ridiculous if he thinks he can control the whole team just because he is the captain.
Oh ok. Well then. I'll be over there👉🏻 soo🙇🏻‍♀️