He Changed Me (BoyxBoy)

He Changed Me (BoyxBoy)

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Travis Ortega finally asked the boy he's been crushing on for a year on a date. On that date, they shared tales about each other. Their likes, dislikes and corny jokes. They also shared their Mint Mocha and Mocha Cookie Crumble with each other. They shared something else, something passionate that only two people who share a deep connection with each other could feel in such a blissful moment. This moment of joy came crumbling down when Travis woke up to a "Seth-less bed". That moment changed his life forever. It changed the person he was and turned him into someone neither himself recognized. 

Travis decided that he was going to stay at home and go to College but after a year of feeling disconnected with everything and everyone he decided that he needed change. A new surrounding with people he had never met before (even though it was unlikely he would befriend any of them). 

So, what is Travis going to do when he starts his new college only to realize that the boy sitting in front of him is no other than Seth Winters? What are both of them going to do when their emotions start to take control of them? What are they going to do when everything starts spiraling out of control?

xx_mx_xx xx_mx_xx Sep 25
This book and like all these other books are so cliché 😐
                              Like why can't they write "and there was an awaiting block of poop greeting my finger" 
                              😂😂 Let me stfu before the writer takes away my breathing privileges 😭😭
Ofc Starbucks is errotic....I ordered everything there one by one that I ran out of things to try.
BITCH WHAT? Seth, you are an asshike until you explain why you would leave the sweet Travis.
LazySide LazySide Aug 27
I don't think I can read this cause my brothers name is Seth 😂😂😂
Tirteen2 Tirteen2 Jun 27
I can imagine the camera spinning around them in a movie as they kiss
From cuddles in the first para to tieing him up in next..Wow u move so soon