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Brittany Neely By MeninaEscura101 Completed

Anastasia Rhymes is known as the missing girl from one of the most horrendous massacres in the history of the Packs of North America. No one has seen her or found her body from the famous Massacre. A massacre that left her in her current guarded state of mind. Living as a Rogue, running from anyone who will grow in her view and opinion, ‘too touchy.’ 
	She wants to protect the people who she has a bond with, so she runs constantly. Not staying in a place for more than one month, sometimes only a week. She is scared the two Rogues she fears who have made her flitch, collapse, and break down at any yelling, raising of hands, and mainly anything resembling her attack. 
	Fearing them, she runs one last time, but makes the mistake of trespassing in a territory of the biggest and most feared pack in North America. To everyone they describe that pack with one word, ‘deadly.’ 
	Finding her way is hard, but she is captured again, but by someone she needed to protect at all cost, the last person to know her. The only friend she has and the only male she trusts. She stays with him and soon he finds her. The meeting is interesting, at a wedding he claims her and unknowingly scares her half to death. 
	He has no idea how easily she scares.

Untouchable_Love Untouchable_Love Jan 13, 2014
Read the summary, omg its a really good summary. Now im going to read it this sec. Lol
pokyzard pokyzard Mar 11, 2013
............. wow ................. sounds terrifying. Such a good beginning, no matter how confusing, it makes the reader want to read on to not be confused anymore :D