But Why Not

But Why Not

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Sequel to The Boy At My Window

"It's always my reputation." he said bitterly. 

"What's always your reputation?" I asked confused. 

He sighed audibly. "Driving people away. People hear about my reputation and don't take time to get to know me. They either think I'm some huge bad ass and become my friend solely off of that or they think I'm a criminal and avoid me at all costs. Which one are you?" 

I felt kind of bad for him. It was sad no one knew who he really was. "I'll be the exception. I'll get to know you, Ryder Daniels. The real you." 

"Really?" I could practically hear the smile he was wearing in his voice. "You want to get to know me?" 

"Yeah. I want to know what goes on in that soccer head of your's." I said smiling to myself. 

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rijaashraf rijaashraf Apr 29, 2017
Okay I did NOT think of it this way. Stupid dirty mindedness
andrea5735 andrea5735 Oct 18, 2017
That was my middle school old  mascot but they changed it to titans after some kids started to throw condoms at the the football team every game
24moco_latte02 24moco_latte02 Oct 05, 2016
I don't know if this is where you got the name off but Ryder Daniels is a character off Victorious... is that where you got the name from?? just curious!
loveannika loveannika Jul 21, 2016
already?!? bitćh babies don't go like
                              'HEY BITCHTACOS IM READY FOR THE WORLD! 👁'
_skywalk3r_ _skywalk3r_ Sep 26, 2016
I used too then I got kicked in the head and got a concussion.......but hey now I play any feild position I'm needed in but I like defense best
BaeVersace BaeVersace Nov 13, 2016
Just realized the dude on the cover is black FINA FÛCKING LLY WE HAVE A BLACK MAIN CHARACTER