Blinded Eyes : Dan Howell

Blinded Eyes : Dan Howell

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it's ok to be a hoe By danisnotondrugs Updated Apr 24

~ Sequel to "Because I'm Different : Dan Howell" ~

❝Something happened. But I don't know what. Shattering echoed through my head and my ears rang. Screams of frightened people filled the restaurant. 
And before I knew it, I was lifted by strong arms and carried away before everything went dark.❞

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TomatoOnDrugs TomatoOnDrugs Dec 08, 2016
Oh God no. Dan and smut do not mix in my head. It makes me feel nauseous.
izzlepop izzlepop Feb 26, 2015
112? I'm not familiar with that... Is it American or am I an ignorant British person? :P
lcststars lcststars Feb 24, 2015
can I just say that so far this sounds like it's going to as amazing as the first one <3