Made A Bet With The Bad Boy (Under Major Editing)

Made A Bet With The Bad Boy (Under Major Editing)

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Olivia Pixie By ImaginingGirl Completed

{Highest Rank - #15 Teen Fiction (8/7/2016)}

{Completed - 12/9/2016}

{Currently under major editing and also a bit of re-writing}

'A Bet That Changed Everyone's Life...'

"You better be scared, cause I'm gonna make you fall, baby. Fall hard for me." He said, smirking.
"I bet you are gonna be the one who is gonna be begging for me to not leave you." I said, smirking.
"Oh really? Well, I bet you will be the one who falls." He said, smirking back.
"You wanna bet?" I asked, grinning.
"If you lose, I can make you do whatever I want for the rest of the school year. The same goes if it's the opposite." He said.
"All right, then." I said.
After a few seconds, it hit me. I just Made A Bet With The Bad Boy......

Warning : Not the typical clichè story

Cover made by @BishWhatDidYouSay

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Indie_vidual_bmth Indie_vidual_bmth Jul 09, 2016
Also which unfortunate soul has to go to school at 6:45?? I don't leave until like 8:00 and it doesn't even start until 8:45
29Dannita03 29Dannita03 Jul 01, 2016
The author literally said there were going to be a lot of mistakes @ReadQuick
AuguSTDsdmn AuguSTDsdmn Jun 19, 2016
I am so sorry but I will just imagine you said Black Veil Brides instead of 1D... As you can tell I like rock music. Not boy bands. I dont mean to offend anyone by this comment.
1cartoonfreak 1cartoonfreak Jun 22, 2016
Stfu your annoying stop say un important things and stop being so happy be mean for once got
Danzarn Danzarn Sep 19, 2016
My school is also like that. We have to greet and say goodbye to our teachers, every lesson. Plus, we can't sit down if they don't say "please be seated" or something like that...
ReadQuick ReadQuick Jul 02, 2016
Oh yeah, I didn't really read the introduction. sorry *waves apologetically* but just for future reference I guess. My apologies guys